Cheap Houses in Umbria: Three Rare Finds

case di campagna italiane: 3 soluzioni in Umbria
Case di campagna italiane: 3 soluzioni economiche in Umbria

If you want to get away from the frenetic rhythm of the city, the Umbrian Countryside might just be the solution. Umbria is less expensive than well-known Tuscany, and offers an opportunity to live "la dolce vita" in Italy. Here, you can combine a love of art and culture with the joys of the land. Today I bring you 3 cheap houses in Umbria. Who knows if one of them is the right one for you? But first, let me tell you a little bit about this beautiful territory.

I was lucky enough to visit Umbria in February of 2020, just before the Coronavirus pandemic really got serious. Of course my family and I enjoyed our stops in Perugia and Assisi, where the history and spirit of the cities astounded us. Our drive through Umbria, however, is what allowed me to admire the romantic beauty of the landscape. The soft lines of the hills and pastel colors of the land carried me over the road of the region, making the journey a joy. My search for cheap houses in Umbria has been given life by those visions in my mind. I search with the hope of being able to find a place where I can enjoy that view every day.

Umbria and Tuscany have a lot of similarities, but this doesn't mean Umbria lacks in its own unique attributes. Tuscany and Umbria enjoy similar climates. Ingredients in the Tuscan and Umbrian kitchen can be very similar, and though the traditions in the preparation of those ingredients is varied, the dishes from both regions are mouth-watering

. But we loved Umbria for the things that made it uniquely Umbria, out of all the regions in Italy. The low cost of living and high quality of life are a huge draw, along with the impressive medieval cities. The price of houses in Umbria is distinctly lower than Tuscany, and the Umbrian history, art and culture is just as rich.

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Art and Umbria

Todi: chiesa di San Fortunato
Church of San Fortunato, Todi

Let's start with Umbria's cultural treasure trove. Explore Perugia and let yourself be transported back in time. The city walls, the fortress and the wonder it inspires took my family by surprise. You will also find the works of Pietro Vannucci, better known as Perugino, which are the emblem of the city.

Then it's off to Assisi with its interesting architecture and religious significance. This is the city of Saint Francis of Assisi (if you hadn't guessed.) There are many churches, basilicas and other places of worship dedicated to Saint Francis and his Order.

There are other towns nearby, like Todi and Spoleto. Both of these are still relatively unknown, yet are wonderful places to visit.

Next we jump over to Lake Trasimeno, and of course, Isola Maggiore, or the lake's large island. On that island, a few able nuns dedicate their time to the art of crochet in an old Irish style. If you would like to know more about these nuns and their ancient art, you can go to the site aboutumbriamagazine. You can find a lot of very interesting information there, both in Italian and in English.

Culinary Excellence (and not only that)

tagliere con calice di vino
Charcuterie Board and Wine

So you've nourished your mind, now let's focus on your stomach. In Umbria, meat and truffles reign supreme. A charcuterie board and a glass of wine bring joy to the palate without spending too much -- that's my experience, anyway!

Go on into any little place and order "un tagliere" with typical local salami, norcino, cheese and toasted bread with truffles. Have a glass of Montefalco Sagrantino , or have a few. Why not? There's no need for anything else. Since we are in Italy, obviously there's more to Umbrian delicacies than just this. I invite you to discover the more intricate joys of its kitchen when you next visit.

The towns in Umbria aren't so distant from one another. It's really a small region in the center of Italy. In Umbria, it's still possible to find authentic villages, seemingly untouched and unchanged by the world outside. Every weekend could be an adventure to discover somewhere new. New art, new flavors and the joys of small-town Italy await you, if you decide to live in this beautiful area. And now, the 3 houses I promised. Maybe one of these will be the home base of your Umbrian adventure.

Three Cheap Houses in Umbria

I have chosen three properties with a little land at very low prices. These houses are ready to be lived in, and need very minimal work for updates. I used Idealista for my search. I left a link that will take you to the original listing for each house.

Quadrilocale Todi. Sala con cucina
4 rooms, Todi. Living room with kitchen
Trilocale Massa Martana. Esterno abitazione. Ingresso
3 rooms, Massa Martina. Outside, entrance.
  • 4 Rooms for 35,000 Euro. This is a two-story, 95m2 house in Quadro, near Todi. at ground level it has a wood-storage room and a bathroom. Upstairs you will find a kitchen, two bedrooms and another bathroom. A garden of about 300m2 is included with the property. There are about 44 people living in Quadro, which is a little center about 12 km from Todi. In Todi you will find schools for all grade levels, supermarkets and other amenities. Quadro is great for rafters and canoes. The river Tevere passes very close by. Rome is less than two hours away, and Perugia is 45 minutes away by car.
trilocale Calvi dell'Umbria. Esterno. ingresso della casa
3 Rooms, Calvi del'Umbria. Outside and entrance.
  • 3 Rooms for 28,000 Euro. This two-story house is 75m2, and it is in Massa Martana. On the ground floor there is a living room and a kitchen with a fireplace. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The price includes a piece of land with 80 olive trees (homemade olive oil, anyone?) 3 garages and 3 storage/work area sheds. Massa Martana is a community of about 3,700 people. There are schools, a supermarket, a post office and a train station within 6 km of the town. Massa Martana is very close to Todi and about 45 minutes away from Perugia by car. If you love hot springs, check out the Terme di San Faustino.
  • 3 Rooms for 29,000 Euro. This two-floor house is 119m2, and you will find it in Calvi dell'Umbria (TR). The ground floor is used for storage. Upstairs you will find two bedrooms, a kitchen with a fireplace, a living area and a bathroom. Just outside, there are two garden areas. Calvi dell'Umbria is inhabited by a little more than 1,700 people. It is about a 45-minute drive south of Terni. There are nursery schools and primary schools in the area, along with a small market and a post office. Rome is a little over an hour away. The second week of May is exciting here. That's when they celebrate the festival of San Pancrazio in Medieval style.

I hope you found the house that is right for you. If it's not one of these three, go ahead and lose yourself in a little search on idealista or other search platforms. Or feel free to contact me. Maybe one day we can meet up in Umbria.

By Massi T. (Translated by Amanda)

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