House in Piedmont: Don’t buy it; I want to.

Old house full of character for 40k in Northern Italy.

front gate of the house in piedmont
Your home in Piedmont

Don’t tell anyone about this house.

Do you ever stumble across photos online that make you stop your scroll and drool? That was the effect that this gorgeous Piedmont property had on me. It has a certain ruined beauty that is begging to be loved and lived in, polished and brought back to life. The price is so surprisingly low that it inspires a glimmer of dreams in even the most renovation-weary eyes. I definitely want to buy this house in Piedmont. Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t made the call yet.

Are you intrigued?

This is your new home. You walk through those old iron gates, past the outbuildings to the left, and into the a house full of history that you can call your own. It has three floors. There are five rooms per floor. There’s a front yard. There’s a piece of land for a garden out back. What more could a person ask for? This is a house you could get lost in, and it feels like a house you could turn into a bustling, happy home. I see summer get-togethers upstairs. The light pouring in from the wall of windows makes the atmosphere so inviting.

Pictures rarely do justice to homes like these. Luckily, though, this listing for this house is equipped with a full 3D tour. You can explore it from top to bottom from wherever you happen to be.

open-air attic
Here’s the top. Al fresco dining, anyone?
ground floor cavern tavern
And here’s the bottom. This is what you see the moment you walk inside.

Where is Piedmont?

But speaking of location: eventually you will pull yourself away from that 3D tour for long enough to ask, “Where is this house, actually?” Piedmont is in Northern Italy. This lovely house, specifically, is about an hour inland from the sea near the border with France. The town is called Nucetto, and it lies along the river Tanaro. Just to the southeast, you will find the border between Piedmont and Liguria. Nucetto is a little town of roughly 400 people in the province of Cuneo, which is about a 40-minute drive away.

Italy map, Nucetto marked
Nucetto’s location in Italy

Map of Nucetto.  It is small
Map of Nucetto

There’s an elementary school in town, along with a bakery, a cafe (bar) and a couple of restaurants that look inviting. It certainly is not a bustling center of activity, but a quiet little town with a couple of annual events, including a yearly chickpea festival. It is, however, by no means isolated. If you follow the Tanaro downstream, you will find the river is dotted with charming little communities all the way to the sea. There is a world of small-town italy to explore in this pristine area. There is a grocery store about a 10-minutes away in Ceva, where you’ll find a community of 5,600 people, a town with rich history and more amenities.

Ceva rooftops. beautiful Piedmont hills
The Rooftops of Ceva

So is this Piedmont house the one for you?

Authentic Italy is more than the major tourist attractions. This is an ideal place to start living the real Italian life. I may have to buy this house in Piedmont, after all. If you beat me to it, though, enjoy your dolce vita. Explore the local cuisine and customs, relish the unspoiled beauty, and love that big old house.

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aerial view of Nucetto and river
Aerial View of Nucetto

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